Cedar Point

Fly like the legendary Danish Valravn, the raven of the slain...

Theme ParkCedar Point
Park AreaMain Midway
Opened7 May 2016
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelDive Coaster
Height223 ft
Length3415 ft
Max Speed75 mph
Duration2 minutes
Looping upside down through one of Valravn's three inversions

Looping upside down through one of Valravn's three inversions

When it opened in 2006, Valravn was the world's tallest, longest and fastest Dive Coaster.

The rollercoaster, manufactured by B&M, sits on Cedar Point's Main Midway and dangles riders over the edge 223 feet in the air before they drop vertically towards the ground. But this is just the first of two vertical drops on Valravn, the second being an only just milder 131 feet high.

With these stats, Valravn should be a monster of a Dive Coaster, and to a point it is. The vertical drops are certainly good, but overall the ride doesn't manage to evoke the distinct "dive coaster"-esque feeling of other versions of the type. Its fast speed and multiple inversions give more of a Hyper Coaster feeling, which perhaps isn't a particularly bad thing. However, when riding Valravn I really want to feel I'm on a huge dive machine more than a high speed giant sit down rollercoaster.

That isn't to say Valravn is a bad ride - anything but in fact. Especially in the front row, the feeling of speed and exposure is great and the inversions are welcome additions to the layout. While not much is made of the Danish folklore theme aside from some queueline theming, it certainly fits well into Cedar Point and is a definite highlight - and even better at night!

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