Tumble Bug

Conneaut Lake Park

Bounce up and down the circular track of the Tumble Bug, one of only two surviving tumble bugs in the United States.

Theme ParkConneaut Lake Park
TypeTumble Bug
ManufacturerTraver Engineering Company
ModelTumble Bug 5 car model
Diameter 100 ft
Parkgoers enjoy their ride on the Tumble Bug

Parkgoers enjoy their ride on the Tumble Bug

In earlier years Tumble Bug rides could be found at many amusement parks across America, but they have now become a rarity. Only one full-sized Tumble Bug is now operating in the United States, at Kennywood. Before it closed, Conneaut's was the second remaining and the older of the two, having been installed in 1925.

Full size Tumble Bugs, all manufactured by Travers Engineering Company of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, have an undulating circular track. The ride cars are attached to a central column and are propelled around the track through drive motors mounted between them.

Up until the end, Conneaut's Tumble Bug still gave a great ride experience, even though it was almost 100 years old. Ride cycles were long, with cars taking many laps around the track. They picked up quite a bit of speed, with centrifugal forces and the hills in the track pushing riders in all directions.

Spare parts for the rides are no longer available, which has been a major contributor to the loss of many Tumble Bugs. Conneaut kept theirs up and running by getting new parts made as required from time to time. However, the owners announced in May 2021 that it was now beyond repair, and it was removed from the park having last run in 2019.

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