A spectacular nighttime journey through Mickey Mouse's imagination, set on the Rivers of America.

Theme ParkDisneyland
Park AreaFrontierland
TypeNighttime Spectacular
AudienceAll Ages
Opened13 May 1992 (original)
17 July 2017 (new version)
LocationRivers of America
Duration30 minutes
Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse starts proceedings

Fantasmic! is a gigantic, spectacular show which takes place at night on the Rivers of America and features a mix of Disney characters, live actors, fireworks, fountains, projections, music and decorated floats.

It opened at Disneyland in 1992 and since then has become a firm favourite, with many guests describing it as the best of all the shows on offer at the California resort. The original run ended in early 2016 when the Rivers of America was temporarily closed to allow construction of Star Wars land, but a new version of Fantasmic! premiered in Summer 2017 with new scenes, reworked choreography and upgraded lighting and costumes.

The show is all about colour and spectacle, but the underlying storyline that holds it all together has the audience venturing into Mickey Mouse's imagination. They meet various Disney characters, either projected onto large water screens or as characters floating past on brilliantly decorated barges.

The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl

A Pirates of the Caribbean set piece sees the gigantic Black Pearl (played by the Sailing Ship Columbia) navigate along the river, complete with a full blown sword fight between the pirates onboard going on high up on the rigging.

Mickey's dream turns into a nightmare as he is trapped inside The Magic Mirror from Snow White and chaos ensues as multiple Disney villains are let loose. Maleficent appears and is transformed into a colossal fire breathing dragon. Luckily Mickey regains control of his imagination and destroys both the dragon and the rest of the villains.

The stunning finale sequence features a massive cast of Disney characters aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat, headed up of course by Mickey as he appeared in Steamboat Willie. The celebrations culminate with fireworks, fountains and of course a final appearance by Mickey to bid the audience farewell.

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Highlights from Fantamic! video

Highlights from Fantamic!

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