Mickey and the Magical Map


Live musical stage show featuring Mickey Mouse and a magical map that can transport him to any place he can imagine.

Theme ParkDisneyland
Park AreaFantasyland
TypeMusical Stage Show
Opened25 May 2013
LocationFantasyland Theater
Duration25 minutes

Finale set piece

Mickey and the Magical Map is a 25 minute live action stage show, featuring Mickey Mouse together with a supporting cast of other well known Disney characters in a colourful, energetic and brilliantly performed musical.

The story is based around a giant magical map which dominates the stage throughout the show. Mickey reprises his role as apprentice to Yen Sid, the sorcerer he first starred alongside in Fantasia.

The team of mapmakers finish work for the evening, leaving Mickey alone with the map. Before long, he has a paintbrush in hand, determined to finish the almost complete map. However, the unfinished spot has other ideas, with Mickey having to chase the errant black dot all over the map.

This leads on to Mickey being transported to a number of locations by the magical map, encountering a variety of other Disney characters including Pocahontas, Mulan and Lilo & Stitch along the way. These set pieces form the main part of the show, with plenty of well-known songs to sing along to.

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Highlights from Mickey and the Magical Map video

Highlights from Mickey and the Magical Map

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