Holiday World

Santa Claus, Indiana, USA

The theme park where every day is Christmas Day … and Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and the fourth of July …

Opened3 August 1946
SeasonApril to October
OwnerKoch Development Corporation
NearbyKentucky Kingdom (64 miles)
Kings Island (166 miles)
Six Flags St Louis (206 miles)
Lake Winnepesaukah (236 miles)
Camden Park (238 miles)
Santa Claus Land: Holiday World's Christmas area

Santa Claus Land: Holiday World's Christmas area

Holiday World has a reputation that many parks would kill for. It’s known by theme park enthusiasts all over the world, many of whom have never visited the park yet know of its legendary wooden rollercoasters, free unlimited soft drinks and free sun cream.

Its reputation in some ways does it a disservice: Holiday World is a smaller park than many would imagine, and although its attractions are themed to various American holidays, it is not the overwhelming immersive Christmas-like experience some may expect (or fear!). It is, though, a beautifully kept park with unarguably a fantastic collection of rollercoasters, with a distinctly family-run feel that extends through the park employees to make every guest feel welcome.

Holiday World’s park areas are each themed around a different seasonal event or American holiday. Unsurprisingly in the town of Santa Claus, the park’s main entrance area has a Christmas theme including a giant Christmas tree in the centre. Other seasons represented are Thanksgiving, 4th July, and Halloween.

If you are seeking the theme park equivalent of the excitement and all-encompassing wonderfulness of a well celebrated special occasion, Holiday World is the place in which you will find it.




Halloween themed chair swing ride

Scarecrow Scrambler

Scarecrow Scrambler

Traditional twist flat ride



Swinging pirate ship

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USA Road Trip 2016: Day 8 at Holiday World video

USA Road Trip 2016: Day 8 at Holiday World

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