The Voyage

Holiday World

Board the Mayflower for a voyage to the New World with the Pilgrim Fathers...

Theme ParkHoliday World
Park AreaThanksgiving
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
Opened6 May 2006
ManufacturerThe Gravity Group
Height159 ft
Length6442 ft
Max Speed67 mph
TrainsPhiladelphia Toboggan Company
Duration2¾ minutes
The Voyage flies over the lift hill

The Voyage flies over the lift hill

The Voyage is the largest and most of recent of Holiday World's trio of wooden rollercoasters, and is themed around the voyage of the Mayflower which brought the Pilgrim Fathers to North America in 1620.

A rollercoaster built to celebrate such an important moment in American history and culture must be special, and The Voyage satisfies the brief extremely well. At 6442 feet long with a maximum height of 159 feet and a claimed 24.3 seconds of airtime during its two minutes and forty five seconds duration, it is both giant and epic.

The ride was built by The Gravity Group, with Philadephia Toboggan Company trains. From the ship themed station in Holiday World's Thanskgiving section, the track ventures out into surrounding the woods and at one stage interacts closely with Thunderbird, the park's B&M Wing Coaster.

Highlights along the way include the first three huge drops (154ft, 107ft, and 100ft respectively), five underground tunnels which the trains enter a total of eight times, and a "spaghetti bowl" track section which acts as the turnaround for the train's return trip.

The Voyage is a triumph of ride design, combining excitement and pacing in a way that propels it high into the ranks of the world's best wooden rollercoasters. It won the Golden Ticket Awards' Best New Ride in 2006 and then Best Wooden Rollercoaster every year from 2007 to 2011 and still ranks highly in the Top 50 list.

If there's a slight negative, it is that The Voyage is not a particularly gentle ride. As with many wooden rollercoasters, it throws riders around a lot: considering the massive amounts of airtime this isn't surprising. However, that combined with the roughness towards the back of the train limits re-ridability a little bit. Still though, it's an amazing rollercoaster deserving of all the accolades that have been bestowed upon it.

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