Rollo Coaster

Idlewild and SoakZone

A classic PTC wooden rollercoaster...

Theme ParkIdlewild and SoakZone
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
ManufacturerPhiladelphia Toboggan Company
Height27 ft
Length900 ft
Max Speed25 mph
Duration1¼ minutes
Rollo Coaster's new train

Rollo Coaster's new train

Idlewild's Rollo Coaster is a classic wooden rollercoaster built in 1938 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

The ride weaves its way around a wooded hillside at the back of the park with a series of undulating hills and gentle curves, making for a family friendly rollercoaster experience.

Following an incident in 2016, Rollo Coaster was closed for two years to allow for modifications including a new train with modern safety restraints (the previous train had operated with just a fixed grab bar).

The new train is much heavier than the old ones, meaning there is now a weight limit of 265lbs per row. Riders have to stand on a weighing scale before boarding to ensure the limit is not exceeded.

Additionally, the new train features large "wings" to the side of each row designed to stop riders reaching out. However, these also substantially restrict the views from the train and the general feeling of openness.

Despite the new restrictions, it is nice to see Idlewild making the effort to keep Rollo Coaster up and running. It is a nice family wooden coaster, and provides some fun moments as it races around utilising the terrain to great effect.

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