Noah's Ark


Join the animals boarding two-by-two onto the biblical boat...

Theme ParkKennywood
AudienceAll Ages
ManufacturerPhiladelphia Toboggan Company
Kennywood's Ark

Kennywood's Ark

Kennywood's Noah's Ark is the last surviving Noah's Ark attraction in the world, and was originally opened at the Pennsylvania park in 1936.

The walkthrough attraction features a large boat which constantly rocks from side-to-side, and contains various fun house novelties. Classic gags include wobbly boards and air jets, which were originally used to blow up young women's skirts!

After entering through the mouth of a giant blue whale, alongside the fun house elements visitors will encounter various scenes from life onboard Noah's ship including many beautifully modelled animals.

Sadly, following the closure of the Noah's Ark at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2008, Kennywood's is now the only remaining example of the classic amusement park attraction. It has a bright future, however, with the park devoting a lot of time and attention to it including multiple renovations over the years.

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