Escape from Kennywood's rat exterminators...

Theme ParkKennywood
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened18 April 1999
ModelSpinning Coaster
Height43 ft
Length1378 ft
Max Speed29 mph
Duration2 minutes


Exterminator is an indoor spinning wild mouse rollercoaster at Kennywood.

The ride is themed around the idea that visitors are rats and must escape from a group of exterminators out to rid them from the park. It takes place indoors and features theming, animatronics and special effects which the cars pass by.

The rollercoaster itself is a standard Spinning Coaster model from Reverchon. It is fun although slightly rough, and offers the usual mix of steep drops and sharp corners which encourage the cars to spin.

Hidden inside, Exterminator attracts long queues of curious riders - much longer than perhaps a standard spinning mouse should really warrant. While a nice job has been done with the theming, especially in the queueline, at the end of the day Exterminator is just an off-the-shelf rollercoaster placed in the dark with some special effects to fly past.

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