Jack Rabbit


A classic wooden rollercoaster from 1920...

Theme ParkKennywood
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened18 June 1920
ManufacturerHarry C Baker
Height40 ft
Length2132 ft
Max Speed45 mph
Drop 70 ft
DesignerJohn A Miller
Duration2 minutes
Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit is the oldest of Kennywood's operating rollercoasters, having first opened at the amusement park in 1920.

The woodie was designed by John A Miller and featured his then-new underfriction wheel technology that clamped the train to the track and allowed for steeper hills such as Jack Rabbit's 70ft drop.

Along with the drop, the coaster features a superbly fun and forceful double down after the lift hill, plus a tunnel over the first turnaround section. The double down is undoubtedly the highlight of the ride, providing an astonishing amount unexpected of ejector airtime.

Similarly to Thunderbolt, Jack Rabbit's lift hill comes part way through the ride rather than straight after the station.

It is an amazing testament to the talents of John A Miller, Harry C Baker and their team that over a century on from its opening, Jack Rabbit still ranks highly in the annual Golden Ticket Awards list of the world's best wooden rollercoasters. Despite its age, it is one of the must-do rollercoasters on offer at Kennywood.

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