Phantom's Revenge


Kennywood's extra-ordinary landmark hyper coaster...

Theme ParkKennywood
Opened10 May 1991 (original "Steel Phantom")
19 May 2001 ("Phantom's Revenge" refurbishment)
ManufacturerDH Morgan Manufacturing
ModelHyper Coaster
Height160 ft
Length3365 ft
Max Speed85 mph
Drop 228 ft
Duration2¼ minutes
Phantom's Revenge

Phantom's Revenge

Plunging riders down a 228ft drop, Phantom's Revenge is Kennywood's huge steel hyper coaster.

The ride was originally opened in May 1991 as Steel Phantom and was manufactured by Arrow Dynamics.

It later received a major overhaul by DH Morgan and reopened as Phantom's Revenge for the 2001 season with a larger drop and its four inversions removed.

Phantom's Revenge is a terrain coaster and utilises Kennywood's deep ravine, allowing for a 160ft lift hill but a 228ft second drop as the track dives down towards the ravine floor and through Thunderbolt's wooden structure. With its huge hills followed by bunny hops in the second half, the rollercoaster is airtime filled.

Overall, Phantom's Revenge is an incredible rollercoaster. It is highly regarded, and regularly features highly on the Golden Ticket Awards' Steel coaster rankings. With its smooth running, intense force-filled moments and ejector airtime combined with the amazing drops, it is a rare example of a ride that leaves you wanting more every time.

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