Storm Chaser

Kentucky Kingdom

Experience one of the greatest RMC rollercoasters in the world...

Theme ParkKentucky Kingdom
Opened30 April 2016
ManufacturerRocky Mountain Construction
ModelI-Box Track
Height100 ft
Length2744 ft
Max Speed52 mph
Airtime Moments13
Duration1¾ minutes
Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser is a remarkable RMC rollercoaster at Kentucky Kingdom.

RMC coasters are famed for their smoothness, intensity and crazy elements. Storm Chaser has all of these in abundance, yet is perhaps one of the least high profile of all RMCs, perhaps due to the relatively regional nature of the theme park it finds itself in.

The ride though should be much better known and appreciated: it is in fact one of the best of all of Rocky Mountain Construction's coasters to date.

Storm Chaser has an amazing custom layout and utilises RMC's I-Box Track placed on metal supports to form a fully steel coaster.

There are some marvellous elements including a spectacular diving barrel roll first drop, extreme overbanked curves, a zero-G roll, twisting airtime hills and a superb bunny hop and helix finale. The coaster is well placed, and the train flawlessly executes its way through each part of the ride.

An interesting quirk of Storm Chaser are the low flying aircraft which regularly pass over the lift hill as they come into land at Louisville International Airport next door.

Storm Chaser is an incredible ride, and deserves much more attention than it often receives. Some RMCs are too intense, but Storm Chaser is perfectly pitched with just the right blend of RMC craziness to create a highly enjoyable and re-rideable rollercoaster.

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