Kings Dominion

Ride over water on the world's first looping rollercoaster to feature an underwater tunnel...

Theme ParkKings Dominion
Park AreaJungle X-Pedition
Opened23 March 1991
ManufacturerArrow Dynamics
ModelCustom Looping Coaster
Height128 ft
Length2700 ft
Max Speed50 mph
Duration2 minutes
Anaconda over the lake

Anaconda over the lake

Set mostly over water, Anaconda is a rollercoaster at Kings Dominion.

The ride is a Custom Looping Coaster from Arrow Dynamics which was built in 1991. It sits on Lake Charles and is the first looping rollercoaster in the world to feature an underwater tunnel.

Along with the tunnel, the coaster features a vertical loop, sidewinder inversion and a double corkscrew, which made it the first rollercoaster at Kings Dominion to feature multiple inversions.

The ride's track is easy to spot above the lake, with its colour scheme featuring red track with yellow running rails and green supports.

While Anaconda's location and underwater tunnel are cool features, sadly the rest of the ride is not fantastic: Fairly typical of Arrow loopers of the era, it is more painful than smooth and the train bangs its way around the track. It's definitely one to ride for the credit, then move on.

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