Apple Zapple

Kings Dominion

Steep drops and sharp turns await riders onboard Apple Zapple...

Theme ParkKings Dominion
Park AreaCandy Apple Grove
Opened23 March 2002
ManufacturerMack Rides
ModelWild Maus Large Park
Height52 ft
Length1313 ft
Max Speed35 mph
Enjoying a ride aboard Apple Zapple

Enjoying a ride aboard Apple Zapple

Apple Zapple is a wild mouse rollercoaster at Kings Dominion, located in the Candy Apple Grove area of the park.

The ride is manufactured by Mack Rides and features their standard large park wild mouse track layout, with a big first drop followed by a set of sharp hairpin turns, concluding with some smaller shallower drops and corners to take the cars back to the station.

Originally the rollercoaster was known as Ricochet and had a yellow track with blue and grey supports.

It was renamed Apple Zapple and repainted in a green and brown colour scheme for the 2018 season, spruced up to sit beside Kings Dominion's new Twisted Timbers rollercoaster.

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