Kings Dominion

Classic wooden carousel originally built in 1917.

Theme ParkKings Dominion
Park AreaCandy Apple Grove
ManufacturerPhiladelphia Toboggan Company
Kings Dominion's PTC Carousel #44

Kings Dominion's PTC Carousel #44

Kings Dominion's historic carousel sits in the Candy Apple Grove area of the park.

Although it arrived at Kings Dominion in its opening year in 1975, the carousel predates the park by many years. It was originally sited at Riverside Park in Massachusetts, where it was built in 1917 at a cost of $12000. From there it moved to Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island in 1938 where it stayed until it was purchased by Taft Broadcasting Company in 1973 for their new Kings Dominion park.

The carousel was manufactured by the Philadephia Toboggan Company as Carousel #44, and the wooden horses were hand carved by John Zalar. Only two other PTC carousels were carved by John - the others being #45 at Woodland Park Zoo and #46 at Walt Disney World.

Riders can choose between 66 horses - with 16 stationary horses on the outside and 50 "jumpers" on the three inner rings. The lead horse is named "Torch".

Carousels are a staple ride at amusement parks worldwide, but few can boast such a historic fine example as that of Kings Dominion.

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