Flight of Fear

Kings Dominion

Discover what lies inside a recently crashed UFO at Kings Dominion...

Theme ParkKings Dominion
Park AreaJungle X-Pedition
Opened18 June 1996
ManufacturerPremier Rides
ModelLIM Coaster
Height74 ft
Length2705 ft
Max Speed54 mph
Duration1½ minutes
A train preparing to launch out of the station

A train preparing to launch out of the station

Kings Dominion's Flight of Fear is an alien themed indoor rollercoaster.

The ride was built by Premier Rides and was opened in 1996. It is an identical twin to Flight of Fear at Kings Island which also opened on the same day. They were the first rollercoasters in the world to use Linear Induction Motors to launch the train from a standing start.

Riders experience most of Flight of Fear in the dark having been launched out of the station and into the main ride area, with just the occasional coloured light to highlight the track ahead. This helps heighten the sensation of speed and disorientation as the train navigates through the rollercoaster's cobra roll, sidewinder and corkscrew inversions.

Due to its location inside its large hangar, Flight of Fear can be easy to miss, especially for visitors attracted towards its towering neighbour Intimidator 305. The rollercoaster is, however, well worth a ride and is somewhat underrated when compared next to some of Kings Dominion's other rides and attractions.

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