Kings Dominion

Ride out into the forest in search of the infamous grizzly bear...

Theme ParkKings Dominion
Park AreaOld Virginia
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
Opened27 March 1982
Height87 ft
Length3150 ft
Duration2½ minutes


Grizzly allows the bravest of visitors to Kings Dominion to venture deep into the heart of the woodlands surrounding the theme park.

The ride is a wooden rollercoaster designed by Curtis D Summers which originally opened at Kings Dominion in 1982.

Most of the track weaves in and around the woods at the edge of the theme park, meaning not much of the ride is visible from the park's pathways. The best view is from the top of the Eiffel Tower, but even then only the coaster's highest points can be seen poking out above the trees.

Grizzly's layout follows a double figure of eight style, with large turnarounds, multiple hills and a tunnel near the beginning of the ride.

In its early years it won much praise and was ranked amongst the world's best wooden coasters. Sadly now it is showing its age, with much of the ride feeling very rough and the train bouncing its way around the track.

It's a fun concept to ride out from the busy park into the seamingly isolated forest, but nowadays Grizzly's fun is tempered by the uncomfortable ride it offers.

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