Kings Island

Prepare for a flight over Kings Island...

Theme ParkKings Island
Park AreaX-Base
Opened26 May 2007
Closed28 October 2018
ModelFlying Dutchman
Height115 ft
Length3340 ft
Max Speed50 mph
Duration2¼ minutes


Firehawk was a flying rollercoaster at Kings Island which closed in 2018.

The ride arrived at Kings Island in 2007, after having originally opened as X-Flight at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure in 2001.

It is a Vekoma Flying Dutchman, and featured an identical layout to Batwing at Six Flags America.

Sadly, it is also shared a similar ride experience. Vekoma's chest harness and lapbar restraint system together with the lying-down riding position were uncomfortable. Combined with general roughness and some intense forces, it was not particularly pleasant and definitely not reminiscent of free flight.

After several years at Kings Island, Firehawk was closed permanently in October 2018 and demolished to make way for the park's B&M Giga Coaster, Orion.

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