Flight of Fear

Kings Island

A UFO is about to take off ... with you on board!

Theme ParkKings Island
Park AreaArea 72
Opened18 June 1996
ManufacturerPremier Rides
ModelLIM Coaster
Height74 ft
Length2705 ft
Max Speed54 mph
Duration1½ minutes
Flight of Fear launches out of the station

Flight of Fear launches out of the station

Flight of Fear is an indoor rollercoaster at Kings Island.

Riders enter a large warehouse before climbing into a UFO stored inside. From here they take their seats onboard the rollercoaster train for an adventure into outer space.

The coaster is a LIM Coaster from Premier Rides, meaning that it is launched out of the station using Linear Induction Motors rather than the more traditional lift hill climb found on most rollercoasters.

From the station they are catapulted into darkness, with only a few multicoloured lights to show them the way. The track is a twisting ball of steel and features four inversions - a cobra roll, sidewinder and corkscrew - during its 2705 foot length.

Flight of Fear shares its name with an identical rollercoaster at Kings Island's sister park Kings Dominion in Virginia. Both rollercoasters opened on the same day and were the first in the world to use a LIM launch mechanism.

The rollercoaster is a good fun experience, with the darkness adding to the sensations of speed and forces. Definitely worth a ride during a visit to Kings Island.

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