Nascar Café

Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Once the haunt of The Rat Pack, in its latter years the famous Sahara Hotel sign was towered over by the Nascar Café's rollercoaster, Speed - The Ride.

OpenedOctober 1952 (Sahara Hotel)
ClosedMay 2011
NearbyAdventuredome (1 miles)
New York-New York Hotel and Casino (3 miles)
LA County Fair (205 miles)
Disneyland (224 miles)
Disney California Adventure (225 miles)

Speed - The Ride Before the hotel was closed, the Sahara played host to the Nascar Café which featured what was then the best rollercoaster in Las Vegas, Speed - The Ride.

The rollercoaster was a Premier Rides LIM Shuttle Loop, which started from a station within the hotel building before being launched out into the open air. It travelled around a vertical loop, before a second launch pushed it up a 224 foot vertical tower. The train would hang in the air for a split second, before falling backwards to run through the course backwards and return to the station.

The ride experience was great. The launch was powerful, and the train passed smoothly through the ride's elements.

In 2011, the Sahara Hotel closed and the coaster was removed a short while later.

Various rumours have surfaced around a relocation of the ride elsewhere on The Strip, but to date it remains dismantled and sitting unloved outside, blasted by the desert sand and sun.