Apocalypse: The Last Stand

Six Flags America

Will you stand up to the zombies as you attempt to escape through the scene of a post-apocalyptic disaster?

Theme ParkSix Flags America
Park AreaChesapeake
Opened7 June 2012 (replaced Skull Mountain)
Closed8 September 2018
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelStand-Up Coaster
Height100 ft
Length2900 ft
Max Speed55 mph
Duration2 minutes
ExtrasThe Flash Pass
A train in the Apocalypse station

A train in the Apocalypse station

Apocalypse was a stand up rollercoaster set amongst a dystopian zombie end-of-the-world landscape at Six Flags America.

The ride was moved to Six Flags America in 2012 from Six Flags Great America, where it had operated as Iron Wolf between 1990 and 2011.

It was a Stand-Up Coaster model from Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard and featured B&M's standard stand-up rollercoaster cars with the "bicycle seat" and over-the-shoulder style restaint system.

Apocalypse featured two inversions: a vertical loop, and a corkscrew element. Its lift hill sat beside the Skull rock formation from the old Skull Mountain flume which it replaced. The twisting track passed by a number of "disaster" theming elements including a crashed plane, oil drums, a corregated-iron clad bunker, and a burnt out helicopter. There was even a fireball flame effect. Although hardly immersive, by Six Flags standards it was pretty good.

Sadly, like most stand up rollercoasters, the ride experience was not pleasant. It was rough, and the standing rider position did nothing to help: the restraints repeatedly boxed riders' ears as the train made its way around the track.

On 16 August 2018 Six Flags announced that Apocalypse would be closing that September. However, rather than being removed, the old stand-up trains were replaced by B&M's floorless sit down cars and the rollercoaster was rethemed and renamed Firebird for the 2019 season.

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