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Join Batman for a test flight aboard the Batwing...

Theme ParkSix Flags America
Park AreaGotham City
Opened16 June 2001
ModelFlying Dutchman
Height115 ft
Length3340 ft
Max Speed50 mph
Duration2 minutes
Flying close to the ground

Flying close to the ground

Batwing is Six Flags America's flying coaster, themed after Batman's personal aeroplane.

The ride hardware is from Vekoma and is one of their Flying Dutchman models. While better than Zamperla's awful Volares, Vekoma's version of a flying coaster is still pretty painful compared to the top of the class B&M models.

Riders are held in place using a combination of chest vest and lap bar, but that combined with the on-your-back head-first flying position just isn't very comfortable.

Batwing is also very intense. That, plus the heat on very hot sunny days, can make the ride pretty unpleasant and even cause riders to grey out. There's nothing particularly gracious about the experience either, and its not the kind of ride you'd particularly enjoy re-riding.

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