Capital Railways

Six Flags America

Ride the railroad on a journey through Six Flags America...

Theme ParkSix Flags America
Park AreaOlde Boston
AudienceAll Ages
ManufacturerGeneral Electric
Length 4100 ft
Speed 15 mph
Duration15 minutes
Capital Railways

Capital Railways

Capital Railways gives visitors to Six Flags America the chance to sit back, relax and take in the view from the comfort of their train carriage as they travel slowly around the theme park.

Trains depart from a station in Olde Boston, with each trip lasting around a quarter of an hour. The tracks run alongside many of the park's rollercoasters including The Joker's Jinx, Ragin Cajun and Superman Ride of Steel. At one point it even passes right underneath The Wild One!

Six Flags America currently owns two 25 ton locomotives that can operate on the mile long line, although one is in storage. Rather than the more usual "steam engine" themed locos, these are both switching locomotives that are more usually found operating within rail yards.

The railway originally opened in 1982 when the park was known as Wild World and it operated as the Wild World Railway. After the park transformed into Adventure World, the train was used almost exclusively to transport Picnic Pavilion customers, until 2009 when it was once again made available to all visitors.

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