Mind Eraser

Six Flags America

Get thrown around so much you might actually lose your mind...

Theme ParkSix Flags America
Park AreaCoyote Creek
Opened20 May 1995
ModelSuspended Looping Coaster (SLC) Standard (689m)
Height109 ft
Length2261 ft
Max Speed50 mph
Duration1½ minutes
One of Mind Eraser's inversions

One of Mind Eraser's inversions

A ride so awful and head-bashing that it really has the potential to live up to its name, Mind Eraser is the least welcome of all rollercoasters at Six Flags America.

The ride is an example of the infamous Suspended Looping Coaster model from Dutch manufacturer Vekoma. It features a sprawling mass of bright yellow painted track twisting through its plot within the park's Coyote Creek area, tipping the train upside down as it goes racing through its five inversions.

While SLCs in general do not have a great reputation when it comes to ride comfort, Mind Eraser really takes the piss. Riders will find their heads constantly bashed against the hard overhead restraints in a full on assault as the train shuffles its way painfully around the track. Perhaps mercifully, Mind Eraser is the common 689m Standard variant which at least means it doesn't go on for as long as some other SLCs.

There is unfortunately very little positive to say about Mind Eraser. It is a dreadful ride, graceless and painful throughout. Vekoma's technology has moved on vastly since 1995. Maybe it is time Mind Eraser moved on too - preferably into a skip.

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