Renegade Rapids

Six Flags America

Whitewater rafting through the backcountry...

Theme ParkSix Flags America
Park AreaCoyote Creek
TypeRiver Rapids Ride
AudienceOlder Families
ManufacturerOD Hopkins
Length 1348 ft
Duration2 minutes
Renegade Rapids

Renegade Rapids

For overheated Six Flags America parkgoers seeking a cool-off in the hot summer sun, Renegade Rapids is the perfect ride.

Sitting in the park's Coyote Creek area opposite Mind Eraser, the whitewater rapids ride is guaranteed to get riders wet as waves crash into their eight-seater circular boats while they float down river.

The ride has a wild outback country theme, with the river passing alongside green foliage, rocks and wooden buildings. The rough waters toss the boat around, dragging it downsteam through a tunnel and past a crashing waterfall.

Renegade Rapids is a typical fun rapids ride. It isn't a total-soaker like some, but it still provides plenty of opportunities for splashes and the chance of larger waves landing in the boats.

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