Superman: Ride of Steel

Six Flags America

Fly along with your favourite superhero, 200ft into the sky...

Theme ParkSix Flags America
Park AreaGotham City
Opened13 May 2000
ModelMega Coaster
Height208 ft
Length5400 ft
Max Speed73 mph
Cost$15 million
Duration2 minutes
ExtrasThe Flash Pass
Finale airtime hills

Finale airtime hills

Superman: Ride of Steel is a 208ft tall steel hypercoaster manufactured by Intamin and named after the fictional DC Comics superhero.

The rollercoaster has a mirror image twin, Ride of Steel at Six Flags Darien Lake, which opened a year earlier in May 1999.

Both rides feature a 205ft 68° first drop, five airtime hills and two helices (540° and 500°) plus a top speed of 73mph.

The ride at Six Flags America sits at the back of the park in the Gotham City area. It's certainly the king of the rollercoasters at the park, towering over almost every other ride and featuring some great pops of airtime and wonderfully intense forces through the two helix sections.

Theming is minimal aside from the Superman logo on the train and the red track with blue supports, but this is Six Flags so what else would you expect? Cracking ride though!

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