The Joker's Jinx

Six Flags America

The Joker will have your mind and body twisting, turning and rolling over with his jinx...

Theme ParkSix Flags America
Park AreaGotham City
Opened8 May 1999
ManufacturerPremier Rides
ModelLIM Coaster
Height79 ft
Length2705 ft
Max Speed60 mph
Duration1 minute
A train in the middle of the ball of track

A train in the middle of the ball of track

The Joker's Jinx is a rollercoaster at Six Flags America, taking Batman's enemy supervillain and criminal mastermind The Joker as its theme.

The ride is a launch coaster from Premier Rides, which uses Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) to accelerate its train from 0 to 60mph through a tunnel and into the ride's twisted green and purple ball of track.

During the ride, visitors journey through a cobra roll, sidewinder and corkscrew inversions. It's a great fun ride experience, although the coaster has developed a small amount of roughness and sideways wobble over the years.

The layout and ride system is very similar to the two Flight of Fear rollercoasters at Kings Island and Kings Dominion, although their spaghetti ball tracks are enclosed inside large warehouses rather than being outside.

Joker's Jinx looks very impressive, and is a decent ride for Six Flags America. Despite the bit of roughness, it's definitely worth taking a ride while at the park.

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