Six Flags Fiesta Texas

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Remember the Alamo - you certainly will after passing through Six Flags Fiesta Texas' Alamo-esque entrance at the park just a few miles down the road from the real thing ...

OpenedMarch 1992
SeasonMarch to October
OwnerSix Flags
Entrance sign

Entrance sign

Built on the site of a former limestone quarry, Six Flags Fiesta Texas is largely hidden within the quarry walls which provide a spectacular backdrop for the park. Indeed, several of the park's attractions are built up the side of these walls, adding immensely to the various ride experiences on offer.

The park's lineup is headlined by Iron Rattler, the Rocky Mountain Construction coaster opened in 2013. Iron Rattler's lift hill towers over one of the sides of the quarry, with the first drop diving 170 feet towards the quarry floor.

Another highlight is Superman Krypton Coaster, a B&M floorless coaster which uses the quarry walls to produce some near misses and headchopper moments.

Goliath lies at the front of the park, and is a typical Six Flags Batman inverter clone. This one though is not particularly smooth. It has been relocated twice - most recently it was at Six Flags New Orleans before coming to Fiesta Texas in 2008.


Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest

90ft high ferris wheel from Chance Morgan