Iron Rattler

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Plunge 170ft over the quarry walls into Six Flags Fiesta Texas...

Theme ParkSix Flags Fiesta Texas
Park AreaCrackaxle Canyon
Opened25 May 2013
ManufacturerRocky Mountain Construction
ModelI-Box Track
Height179 ft
Length3266 ft
Max Speed70 mph
Highest Drop 171 ft
DesignerAlan Schilke
Duration2¾ minutes
Iron Rattler's first drop

Iron Rattler's first drop

For the second time at a Texan Six Flags park, Rocky Mountain Construction have superbly transformed an old wooden rollercoaster into a hybrid thrill machine.

Iron Rattler is RMC's second refurbishment project for Six Flags, following the New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas. At Fiesta Texas, their starting point was the old Rattler wooden coaster, which when it opened in 1992 was both the tallest and fastest wooden rollercoaster in the world.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is set in a former quarry, and Iron Rattler uses this to its advantage, sweeping around and over the steep quarry walls. The coaster's 171 foot first drop over the edge of the quarry wall is the first act in an incredible experience. Riders are taken through overbanked turns, airtime hills and a tunnel, although one of the highlights of the ride has to be it's stunning zero-G roll.

As you would expect from RMC, Iron Rattler is extremely smooth. The trains seem to float on the track. It is one of the tamer RMC conversions, which by RMC standards is no bad thing. While it is characteristically relentless, the pacing works well and there are some amazing moments. Definitely a successful refurbishment!

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