American Eagle

Six Flags Great America

Red vs blue race on the world's tallest and fastest racing woodie...

Theme ParkSix Flags Great America
Park AreaCounty Fair
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
Opened23 May 1981
ModelWooden Coaster
Height127 ft
Length4650 ft
Max Speed66 mph
Tracks2 (Red and Blue)
TrainsPhiladelphia Toboggan Company
Duration2½ minutes
Red and blue trains climb American Eagle's lift hill

Red and blue trains climb American Eagle's lift hill

American Eagle is a twin-tracked racing woodie at Six Flags Great America.

The ride was opened in 1981 and was the first wooden rollercoaster designed by Intamin, and at the time was the fastest wooden coaster with the longest drop anywhere in the world.

American Eagle features two separate tracks and, just before entering the station, riders can choose to ride either the blue or red side. Each side is pretty similar and the tracks run close to each other for the majority of the ride, heightening the feeling of racing against the other train.

The coaster runs along the park's southern border in an out-and-back layout. At the far end is a 560° spiralling helix which acts as both the turnaround and an exciting tension-filled element where trains are often neck-and-neck. Near the end of the ride the tracks split, sending each train through another helix on their respective side before coming into the final brakes.

The racing element always gives these kind of woodies an extra bit of excitement. While American Eagle's layout may not be quite as exciting as some other racing coasters, it is still provides for a fun enjoyable ride and a nice classic coaster in the Six Flags Great America lineup.

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