Superman: Ultimate Flight

Six Flags Great America

Take on superhero powers as you join Superman for the ultimate flight...

Theme ParkSix Flags Great America
Park AreaOrleans Place
Opened3 May 2003
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelFlying Coaster
Height106 ft
Length2798 ft
Max Speed51 mph
Duration3 minutes
Taking a flight with Superman

Taking a flight with Superman

At one time or another almost every kid has dreamt of flying like a superhero, and Six Flags have brought that dream to life (sort of, at least) with Superman: Ultimate Flight.

The ride is a Flying Coaster from legendary rollercoaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard and is designed to simulate the feeling of flight. Compared to the atrociously uncomfortable attempts such as Vekoma's Flying Dutchman and Zamperla's Volare models, B&M's version is great with well designed trains and comfortable soft rubber vest restraints.

Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America is a third near-clone of two other Superman rides at Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Great Adventure. With its red track, blue support and red, yellow and blue trains it does a decent job of getting riders into the mind of Superman. The Great America version replaced an old Arrow coaster built on part of an old parking lot but, unlike many other Six Flags coasters, the park took the time to landscape the area and created a patch of grass for the ride to fly over rather than leaving a mass of tarmac. That's not to say the theming is particularly immersive, but its better than nothing.

The rollercoaster itself rides superbly, being smooth yet forceful throughout and holds up well to multiple re-rides. Its signature element is a 78ft tall pretzel loop, which generates some large positive G-forces that would become uncomfortable if they went on for too much longer but on Superman are the perfect length. Alongside this are overbanked "horseshoe" turns, a long helix and an inline twist.

Those who have experienced Galactica at Alton Towers in the UK may think of B&M Flying Coasters as gentle if slightly boring rides. Superman: Ultimate Flight will instantly change that impression, with its exciting and forceful layout that provides a fantastic ride even if maybe it doesn't quite feel like a true superhero flight.

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