Superman: Ultimate Flight

Six Flags Over Georgia

Fly with Superman through the skies over Georgia...

Theme ParkSix Flags Over Georgia
Park AreaMetropolis Park
Opened6 April 2002
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelFlying Coaster
Height106 ft
Length2759 ft
Max Speed51 mph
Duration2 minutes
Superman: Ultimate Flight

Superman: Ultimate Flight

Six Flags Over Georgia's Superman: Ultimate Flight was the first B&M Flying Coaster in the United States and the second in the world, opening just under a month after the prototype Air at Alton Towers.

Two further versions of Superman: Ultimate Flight opened the following year at Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Great America, both of which are mostly clones of the original but with minor differences to fit with the specific park landscapes.

Superman: Ultimate Flight's trains feature seats which swing backwards before the train leaves the station, leaving riders hanging facing the ground in a Superman-style flying position. They are held in place with a combination of a soft rubber chest harness and ankle locks, which are much more comfortable than the restraint systems on other flying coaster models.

After leaving the dual-loading station and climbing the lift hill, Superman: Ultimate Flight's train dives down a 100ft first drop and enters the ride's signature element, a 78ft high pretzel loop. This has riders swooping around and flipping over in a complex manoeuvre you could imagine coming straight off the pages of a comic book. It is fast and intense, with some sustained positive G-forces at the bottom of the loop.

Following on from this, the train skims the ground then briefly soars upwards in a left hand turn before riders fly through a short tunnel that leads into the finale heartline roll. Its a nice way of utilising Six Flags Over Georgia's slightly hilly terrain and adds a bit more realism to the experience compared to the flat ex-parking lot ground of Six Flags Great America's version.

Superman: Ultimate Flight is a fantastic rollercoaster, and the B&M Flying Coaster model is especially well suited to the Superman theme. While it might not really feel like riders are flying unencumbered through the air, the restraints are comfortable and the soaring and swooping layout is probably the closest that any rollercoaster has got to date. Sadly despite it being one of the best rides there, in common with much of the park, Six Flags Over Georgia's version looks a little bit faded and uncared for.

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