American Thunder

Six Flags St Louis

Twisting, diving, thundering ...

Theme ParkSix Flags St Louis
Park Area1904 World's Fair
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
Opened20 June 2008
ManufacturerGreat Coasters International
Height82 ft
Length2713 ft
Max Speed48 mph
Duration2¼ minutes
American Thunder

American Thunder

American Thunder is one of three woodies at Six Flags St Louis, and sits in the park's 1904 World's Fair section.

The rollercoaster was built by Great Coasters International and features a twisted track layout featuring plenty of turns, drops and some pops of airtime.

It includes an 80 foot first drop which twists to the left as it dives, banked turns up to 67°, sixteen hills and seventeen crossovers.

The ride uses GCI's Millennium Flyer trains, helping to create a comfortable riding experience and allowing for some impressive manoeuvers.

When it opened in 2008 the ride was named Evil Knievel after the motorcycle stunt rider. This was changed to the current American Thunder in 2011.

American Thunder is a solid woodie with plenty of fun moments, and is well paced. It delivers numerous thrills and is one of the best rollercoasters available at Six Flags St Louis.

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