Six Flags St Louis

Relax as your gondola rises slowly into the air, giving views over Missouri...

Theme ParkSix Flags St Louis
Park Area1904 World's Fair
TypeBig Wheel
AudienceAll Ages
Opened18 April 1986
ManufacturerCarousel Holland B.V.
Height 180 ft


Towering 180ft over Six Flags St Louis, Colossus is one of the largest observation wheels in the United States.

The wheel sits in the 1904 World's Fair section of the park, and from the top provides views over the park and surrounding area.

It originally opened at the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans, as one of several rides operated by Six Flags. After the fair ended it was relocated to Six Flags St Louis, where it opened on 18 April 1986.

Colossus is a perfect ride to take a break from the high octane thrills on. It is well looked after and beautifully presented, and a real icon visible from all over the park.

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