Six Flags St Louis

Great balls of fire!

Theme ParkSix Flags St Louis
Park AreaIllinois
TypeLarson Loop
Opened7 May 2016
ManufacturerLarson International
ModelGiant Loop 22m
Height 72 ft


Although it isn't really the "rollercoaster" that Six Flags market it as, Fireball is still a fun flat ride at Six Flags St Louis.

The ride is actually a super loop ride, manufactured by Larson International.

Riders sit inside a train which is powered around the inside of a single circular loop which towers 22 metres high.

Seating is arranged back-to-back, so some riders will be facing forwards and others will be facing backwards when the ride starts. However, half way through the ride "stalls out" at the top of the loop, then begins travelling in reverse for the second half.

Although it looks quite intimidating and possibly uncomfortable, Fireball is actually quite a nice thrilling addition to the park.

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