Six Flags St Louis

Racing around a track, spinning as you go equals Pandemonium!

Theme ParkSix Flags St Louis
Park AreaBritannia
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened21 April 2007
ModelSpinning Coaster
Height48 ft
Length1351 ft
Max Speed31 mph


Pandemonium is a spinning rollercoaster at Six Flags St Louis in the Britannia section of the park, near to The Boss wooden rollercoaster.

The rollercoaster opened at the theme park in 2007 as Tony Hawk's Big Spin, and is a Spinning Coaster model from Gerstlauer. It was renamed Pandemonium in 2011.

Each car seats four people, seated two-by-two facing each other. The cars spin as they travel around the track, with the amount and direction of spin governed by the weight distribution of the riders. This makes for a unique ride every time!

Pandemonium is a nice family coaster, with the spinning adding a fun extra dimension. It isn't the most well-themed example of Gerstlauer's model, but is smooth and pulls a few good forces at several moments during the layout.

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