Screamin' Eagle

Six Flags St Louis

Celebrate America's Bicentennial with a scream...

Theme ParkSix Flags St Louis
Park AreaIllinois
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
Opened10 April 1976
ManufacturerPhiladelphia Toboggan Company
Height110 ft
Length3872 ft
Max Speed62 mph
DesignerJohn C Allen
Duration2¼ minutes
Screamin' Eagle

Screamin' Eagle

Built to celebrate America's Bicentennial in 1976, Screamin' Eagle is arguably the best of the three wooden coasters at Six Flags St Louis.

The woodie was designed by John Allen and is the final example of his work and of his philosophy that a rollercoaster should not only entertain with its thrills but inspire awe with its beauty.

When it opened Screamin' Eagle was both the highest and fastest in the world - towering 110 feet over the park and reaching a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour.

It is not only the records that are impressive though. Screamin' Eagle impresses with its layout, pacing and general ride experience too. Given its age you may expect it to be a rough boneshaker, but it is surprisingly smooth. The journey through the woods is filled with airtime too.

Of all the rides at Six Flags St Louis, Screamin' Eagle is the surprise hit. For whatever reason it doesn't seem to attract huge queues, but it is definitely one of the highlights of the park and easily re-rideable.

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