Steel Dragon


Twirl around at high speed over Waldameer as you ride the fiery steel dragon…

Theme ParkWaldameer
Opened2 July 2004
ManufacturerMaurer Söhne
ModelSpinning Coaster SC2000
Height51 ft
Length1391 ft
Max Speed37 mph
Cost$4 million
Duration1½ minutes
Spinning car

Spinning car

Steel Dragon arrived at Waldameer as part of the park’s rollercoaster spending spree in the early 2000s.

The ride is a Spinning Coaster SC2000 model from German manufacturer Maurer Söhne, which features the company’s characteristic spinning cars which whirl around freely as they make their way around the tight twisty track.

Waldameer’s version sits on the western side of the park near the X Scream drop tower and Thunder River log flume rides. It is easy to spot with its red track and blue supports.

While not as large as some custom installations of Maurer’s Spinning Coasters, Steel Dragon still provides a good spinning experience and the ride is well pitched towards the older end of the family market.

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