City Star

[Göbel (Worms)]

Giant transportable observation wheel, offering stunning views over the fairs and cities which it travels to.

Fairs AttendedHyde Park Winter Wonderland (from 2019 as Giant Wheel)
TypeBig Wheel
AudienceAll Ages
Built21 November 2019 (Hyde Park premiere)
Height 230 ft
OwnerGöbel (Worms)
City Star over Hyde Park

The wheel in London, December 2019

At 70 metres tall, City Star is the world's tallest mobile observation wheel. The wheel is owned by German showmen Tobias and Sebastian Göbel from Worms, and needs 16 trailers to transport its 350 ton weight. It takes four days to construct on site.

Each of the 48 gondolas are fully enclosed and can be air conditioned or heated depending on the season - most welcome in London's cold winter air! There are onboard audio speakers, and the loading/unloading is fully automated with automatic doors and barriers.

Göbel's wheel premiered at Winter Wonderland at London's Hyde Park in November 2019, replacing the fair's previous 60m high wheel.

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