Crazy Mouse

[Thilo Janßen]

Crazy spinning wild mouse rollercoaster regularly found at fairs throughout Germany...

Fairs AttendedHamburg Dom (from 2019)
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Built1998 (originally built)
2011 (bought by Thilo Janßen)
ModelSpinning Coaster
Height43 ft
Length1378 ft
Max Speed29 mph
OwnerThilo Janßen
Crazy Mouse at Hamburg Dom in 2019

Crazy Mouse at Hamburg Dom in 2019

Thilo Janßen's Crazy Mouse is a spinning wild mouse rollercoaster which tours fairs throughout Germany.

Before being acquired by Thilo Janßen, Crazy Mouse was owned by German fairman Goetzke who bought and operated it for one year in 2010.

Previously, it sat on Blackpool's South Pier where it also ran under the name Crazy Mouse for twelve years between 1998 and 2009.

Since its time in Blackpool, the ride has been given a much needed overhaul and a new pink and green paint job. It rides well, and if the car is unbalanced it provides some nice spinning action during the second half of the ride.

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