[Martin Blume]

Take fright on the world's largest travelling ghost train...

Fairs AttendedHyde Park Winter Wonderland (2015-2019)
TypeDark Ride
ManufacturerMack Rides
OwnerMartin Blume
Daemonium in London, December 2019

Daemonium in London, December 2019

Daemonium is the largest travelling ghost train ride in Europe, and is owned by German showman Martin Blume.

It towers 23 metres high, and contains gruesome scenes spread over four storeys. The ride cars spin to ensure riders always have the best possible view of the various special effects contained inside.

The ride hardware was manufactured by Mack, and features an interesting spiral lift hill at the start of the experience, which takes ride vehicles to the highest level of the ghost train. From here they travel through the various scenes, emerging briefly outside at several points, often having just been scared witless by one of the live actors who populate the ride.

Daemonium is much better than the average fairground ghost train, both due to its vastness and the quality of the theming details inside.

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