Dr Archibald: Master of Time

[Patrick Greier (Schneverdingen)]

Travel through time in search of the missing history professor Dr Archibald in an animated virtual reality adventure.

Fairs AttendedHamburg Dom (from 2017)
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (2018-2019)
TypeDark Ride
AudienceOlder Families
Built1971 (original construction)
2017 (Dr Archibald reconstruction)
ManufacturerMack Rides
VR TechnologyOculus Rift
OwnerPatrick Greier (Schneverdingen)
Dr Archibald

Dr Archibald

Dr Archibald: Master of Time is the first large scale portable virtual reality dark ride. Housed in the shell of an old ghost train, the ride has been transformed into a spectacular VR adventure through time.

The ride takes visitors on a journey to find history professor and amateur archeologist Dr Archibald, who has gone missing - somewhere in time.

After being seated in one of the 32 two-seater ride cars and being helped to put on their VR headsets, guests travel back to prehistoric dinosaur filled realms, dive underwater in search of Atlantis, before ending up almost being crushed in a giant machine from the Industrial Revolution.

The attraction is amazingly well put together, with a detailed VR experience topped and tailed with an animatronic preshow and fun house section after the main ride. The presentation is equally astounding, with a massive colourful frontage complete with LEDs and animations giving visitors a taste of what lies beyond.

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