Euro Coaster


A wild mouse style coaster with the cars suspended underneath the track...

Fairs AttendedHyde Park Winter Wonderland (from 2009)
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
ModelGliding Coaster
Height49 ft
Length1509 ft
Max Speed37 mph
Duration1½ minutes
Euro Coaster

Euro Coaster

What do you get if you cross a wild mouse with an inverted coaster? Well, you get an inverted wild mouse coaster and you call it Euro Coaster (and style it €uro Coaster)!

Euro Coaster is a Gliding Coaster model from French rollercoaster manufacturer Reverchon, who are widely known for their Spinning Wild Mouse coasters. It is owned by the Buwalda and Fackler show families from the Netherlands and Germany. The ride is one of only two known examples of a Reverchon Gliding Coaster ever built - the other is toured by Spanish operator Bañuls Atracciones.

Looking at the ride, it is visually very similar to a normal travelling wild mouse coaster layout and features analogous tight turns and sudden drops (although these are less steep and more elongated than normal). The main difference is, of course, that the ride vehicles hang underneath the track rather than riding on top.

While nice in concept, the ride experience is not particularly pleasant. There's a fair amount of jolting as it makes its way around, but the main issue is the slow speed and almost complete lack of forces. It feels more awkward conveyor belt than exciting rollercoaster.

That said, it is worth a ride if only for its unusualness and it can be fun as long as you're not expecting a high-speed thrill ride.

Euro Coaster has been regularly appearing at London's Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park since 2009. Originally it was rebranded as Christmas Coaster for the event, although nowadays it retains the usual Euro Coaster name.

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Christmas Coaster (aka Euro Coaster) POV video

Christmas Coaster (aka Euro Coaster) POV

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