It's a Small World Adventure

[James & Bridget Burton]

Hop aboard for a tour around the world...

Fairs AttendedHyde Park Winter Wonderland (from 2019)
TypeDark Ride
BuiltNovember 2019
OwnerJames & Bridget Burton
Spinning ride vehicles

Spinning ride vehicles

It's a Small World Adventure is a family dark ride which takes riders on a journey through scenes depicting characters from around the world.

The ride is owned by UK showman James Burton, and premiered at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in 2019. It is built inside the shell of George Irvin's former arcade building.

The spinning ride vehicles are fully enclosed, with perspex windows allowing riders to view the animatronic scenes as they pass.

The first half of the ride features scenes from various countries including the USA, France, Italy, Egypt, Germany and China. At Winter Wonderland, this culminates in Santa's Workshop, with an animatronic Father Christmas thanking visitors for riding. The second half of the ride is a little trippy, as the cars spin their way through a mirrored corridor covered in multi-coloured lights.

As travelling dark rides go, the scenes and animatronics are good quality. However, overall It's a Small World Adventure manages to feel a bit "strange" ... Perhaps its the weird rainbow light corridor ending making it feel as if they ran out of budget to finish the ride. Or maybe its because you spend most of the ride wondering just how they can get away with such a blatant ripoff of Disney's It's a Small World!

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