Mission Space

[Tonny Kroon]

Take a flight 80 metres in the air on KMG's Mission Space tower ride...

Fairs AttendedWinterland Hasselt (2012-2012)
TypeFlat Ride
ModelMission Space
Height 262 ft
Max Speed 44 mph
OwnerTonny Kroon
Mission Space at Winterland Hasselt, December 2012

Mission Space at Winterland Hasselt, December 2012

Mission Space, designed and built by Dutch manufacturer KMG, stands 80 metres tall and offers riders a flight high up in the air.

The ride is like a super-sized version of the classic Flying Machines rides seen at parks like Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Two ten-seater gondolas are suspended on chains from giant arms attached to the top of Mission Space's central column. During the ride, these arms slowly rise and fall as the tower spins, making the gondolas fly outwards up to a maximum height of 80 metres above ground level.

One of the ten-seater gondolas

One of the ten-seater gondolas

Despite the intimidating height, Mission Space actually provides a fairly gentle flight-like experience akin to a star flyer.

The ride visited Winterland Hasselt in Belgium over Christmas and New Year 2012/2013 and was set up next to a neighbouring residential tower block. At least one resident seemed to be enjoying waving out of her window to the riders as they swept past her window!

Mission Space was originally owned by Dutch showman Tonny Kroon and his Netherlands-based fair family. Ownership passed to Aasmund Lund and it was operated at Kongeparken in Norway as ├śrnen (Eagle) in 2016 and 2017. Following technical problems, it was sold on again and has been in storage at KMG since then.