Olympia Looping

[Rudolf Barth]

Ride through the five Olympic rings on the world's largest travelling rollercoaster

Fairs AttendedHyde Park Winter Wonderland (from 2016 as München Looping)
Height107 ft
Length4101 ft
Max Speed50 mph
DesignerAnton Schwarzkopf
Werner Stengel
OwnerRudolf Barth
Duration1¾ minutes
A train navigates one of the five vertical loops

A train navigates one of the five vertical loops

Standing at over 35 metres high and with over 4000 ft of track, Olympia Looping is the largest travelling rollercoaster in the world.

It features five vertical loops, arranged and painted to form the classic Olympic rings. It was designed by renowned rollercoaster designers Anton Schwarzkopf and Werner Stengel, and is regarded as one of the greatest rollercoasters around.

In the summer months, the ride can be found at major fairs around Germany and, since 2016, it has travelled over the channel to London's Winter Wonderland every Christmas season. Travelling with the 900 ton beast is no easy task - it takes 50 trailers to move from location to location, then ten workers a week to set up.

As well as being visually impressive, the rollercoaster gives a fantastic ride. It is well paced, with just the right amount of time between the inversions, and is amazingly smooth.

Olympia Looping is unique, and probably a one off - estimates have put building a similar ride today at over €25 million, a cost that would be almost impossible to recoup.

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