Star Flyer

[Mellors Group]

Take in the views from the top of the giant 70 metre chair swing...

Fairs AttendedHyde Park Winter Wonderland (from 2012)
Fantasy Island (2020-2021)
TypeStar Flyer
BuiltMay 2012
Height 229 ft
OwnerMellors Group
Flying out over London in December 2017

Flying out over London in December 2017

Star Flyer is a 70 metre travelling tower ride which regularly tours fairs around the United Kingdom and is owned by the Mellors Group.

Riders sit on chairs attached by chains to a central spindle. When the ride begins this starts to spin as it rises up to the top of the tower, causing the chairs to swing outwards.

Those who are afraid of heights may want to avoid the ride, but it is actually not as scary as it first looks. While riders do feel quite exposed in their simple swing chairs high up, the ride provides a gentle feeling of flight - and the views from the top can be spectacular!

Star Flyer is a regular visitor to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, and was brought in as a temporary ride at Fantasy Island in Skegness over the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

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