Wilde Maus XXL

[Max Eberhard]

The world's largest Wild Mouse rollercoaster...

Fairs AttendedHyde Park Winter Wonderland (from 2012)
ManufacturerMack Rides
Height99 ft
Length1985 ft
Max Speed37 mph
OwnerMax Eberhard
Duration2 minutes
Wilde Maus XXL at London's Winter Wonderland in 2017

Wilde Maus XXL at London's Winter Wonderland in 2017

Wild Mouse rollercoasters are ten a penny at fairs and theme parks worldwide, providing riders of their four-seater cars with thrills via tight corners and steep drops.

However, there is no wild mouse coaster quite like Wilde Maus XXL, which is a 30 metre tall oversized version of the popular ride.

The ride was created by German showman Max Eberhard in 2012 by extending a standard Mack Wild Mouse, adding two large drops to the beginning of the track layout. These drops are fantastic in themselves, but they also set up the cars for an insane second half full of speed, intense forces and ejector airtime.

Wilde Maus XXL is wonderfully presented, with a colourful red and green paintjob and an impressive lighting package. There's even a brilliant funhouse style queueline with spinning platforms and stepping stones over water to navigate before boarding the ride itself.

Since premiering at Hamburg Summer Dom in 2012, Wilde Maus XXL has toured widely and has also been a regular visitor to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London each year. If you enjoy Wild Mouse coasters it is a must-ride attraction: you'll never have experienced another mouse quite like this!

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Wilde Maus XXL POV video

Wilde Maus XXL POV

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