[Jackie Dotremont]

Swinging riders high into the air...

Fairs AttendedHyde Park Winter Wonderland (2014-2016)
TypeFlat Ride
Height 131 ft
OwnerJackie Dotremont
XXL at Winter Wonderland in December 2014

XXL at Winter Wonderland in December 2014

Swinging at heights over 40 metres above the ground, XXL gives riders a giant spinning, soaring thrill.

The ride is an XXL flat ride from manufacturer KMG, and is owned by Belgian showman Jackie Dotremont.

It premiered at Antwerp in May 2010, and since then has toured fairs in Belgium and further afield, including three years in London between 2014 and 2016 for Winter Wonderland.

XXL's riders sit on one of 20 seats arranged in a circle facing inwards in 4 groups of five. The gondolas are attached to one end of a large arm, which swings high into the air. It is similar to the popular Afterburner flat ride, but much larger.

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