Chessington World of Adventures Opening Weekend

25 March 2007

Celebrating the start of the 2007 Chessington World of Adventures season.

It's pretty rare for me to miss out on a trip to Chessington at the start of every season (last year being an exception since it coincided with Disneyland Paris).  This year was back to normal, visiting on the Sunday after opening.

It's not the start of the season without checking in on the organist.  As you can see from this photo, he's still moving.  Well, actually you can't see from the photo because things in photos don't move.  But if they did, he would.  So there.

Rameses gets a re-theme as "Creature Features" and is apparently open(??)

Margaret and Cherry take a spin on Dragon's Fury (now only allowing 2 adults per car - I'm not that anti-social).  The new rules should make for an interesting ERS later in the year...

Dragon Falls is covered in scaffolding (real scaffolding, not just the 2005 butchering of the rocks) and the lake is drained.  Cherry wondered whether it was open. ;-)

Rodeo is still there ... sort of.

Runaway Train is more there.

This sign is placed just before you board Rattlesnake.  Maybe it's just me, but would it not be more appropriate sited outside the queueline?

Is this new?  Don't remember a picnic area behind the sealions last year.  So this is the big new investment for 2007.

Silly me! Here's the investment - the new hotel, a luxurious pre-fab travelodge-esque place to lay down your credit card at the end of a long day

What is it with Tussauds' southern parks not being able to get everything ready for the start of the season?  Oh yeah, they're too busy planning hotels.

Chessington's gardeners obviously weren't distracted by the hotel planning - the gardens are once again looking absolutely fantastic (and for once, no, I'm not being sarcastic)

Old faithful herself!  M & C seemed to spend most of the time after the ride talking about the effects of it on my bottom.  Who knows?  I didn't like to ask.

Lets 'see what theyve got in the Che's'sington s'hop thi's year - apostrophe's in abundance by the look's of it

What of mine has to be less than 18 to pass?

Grumbles aside, Chessington remains a great park.  Sure, others have better rides, better shows, better toilets, but Chessington holds on to its magic.  Park-wise, 2007 will be a quiet season without any major new attractions to bring in the punters.  Will the hotel pull them in instead or will the park have to invite the Apostrophe Protection Society along to fill it up? 

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